Summer Breeze

The first summer, at our camp on Martins Pond, Greg and I were kept busy helping with piling all of the brush into huge burn piles and stacking the blocks of wood as soon as dad cut the trees up. On the rare occasion that Greg and I got ahead of dad we would […]

Scrap Book page 36

The Sand Pit

The long hot days of summer had slowly become shorter to the point where they had turned to the days of fall. And like in all the previous years Greg and I were once again sentenced to another year of sitting in a desk inside a schoolhouse while all sorts of fun things were happening […]

Return of the stories

Hi Everyone

I would like to take a moment to thank all of you for being so patient with me during my recovery from shoulder surgery. My shoulder now has 100% range of pain free motion but it is still very weak. But not so weak that I can’t write stories, something that I have […]

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