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All of the following stories are true and from actual events that happened in my life, while growing up in the small Vermont town of Peacham. I realize that time has a way of changing minor details but it does not change the overall picture. I have written all of these stories as I remember them happening or in some instances as they were told to me. There will be no order in which the stories will appear; I will write them as they return to my memory. So in any given story you may read about something that happened when I was very young and the next story may be about a time when I was a teenager. Also, in some of the stories, names have been changed to protect the guilty…………I hope you enjoy reading about life in the 50’s & 60’s as much as I enjoyed living them…………..

And now a few words about the Scrap Book. One of my grandmothers died back in 1980. When we cleaned out her place we found three old scrap books, which have recently landed in my hands. I thought it might be fun to post a page or two from these books, on occasion. After thumbing through these books I can only assume my grandmother cut articles out of our local newspaper for many years, then when she had the time she pasted them in a book in random order. On any given page you may read about something that happened in the 1940’s and the next article might be about the 1960’s. There is also a chance that you might find yourself reading the same article in a couple of different places. I was thinking about editing these out but decided to post them just as my grandmother pasted them in her books. If you want to enlarge any picture or the print to make it easier to read all you have to do is click on it………….I would also like to take a moment to give The Caledonian-Record, our local newspaper located in St. Johnsbury, Vt., a special thank you for giving me permission to share these news articles with all of you.


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